Company Profile

Company Profile

Takung Art Co Ltd operates an online electronic platform for offering and trading of artwork.

Through its platform, the Company allows artists/art dealers/owners to access a much bigger art trading market where they can engage with a wide range of investors.

Its platform also invests in high-end and artwork accessible to ordinary people without financial resources.

The Company's trading platforms comprise the sale of calligraphies and paintings, jewelry, and precious stones.

It generates revenue in the form of services in connection with the offering and trading of artwork on its system, primarily consisting of listing fees, trading commissions, and management fees.

It conducts its business primarily in Hong Kong.

Takung Art Co Ltd operates an online electronic platform for offering and trading of artwork. Its platform also invests in high-end and artwork...



Numerous collections

With exclusive digital collections, many avant-garde creators have a wide range of collections

Safe and credible

Relying on blockchain tracing, the traces left on the collection casting chain can be traced, the records can be checked and the copyright is credible

Lower cost

The issuance fee is lower than the industry average, and the proportion of digital collection transaction commission is low

Faster casting

The process operation is more convenient and the collection is generated quickly

Our service

Art works valuation/Consulting services for potential value

Break away from the pain points and misunderstandings of poor under the line communication and incomplete information, and provide customers with comprehensive consulting services such as works valuation and queries.

Transaction service

We are committed to building an original ecological trading platform based on digital works. Every user can create, buy and sell all kinds of irreplaceable digital works to achieve the value of works through the platform trading service.

Advertising service

Provide users and companies with efficient, accurate and professional advertising services, no limited to categories and industries, such as project investment promotion, art works promotion and industry promotion.

Novice tutorial

Create account tutorial

Create a platform, provide personal identity authentication, create an account and submit personal identity information

Buying digital collections tutorial

Understand the auction and purchase process of collections, and help you complete your desire to buy your favorite digital collections.

Publish digital collection tutorial

Upload your collection (image, video, audio or 3D Art), add titles and descriptions, and customize your digital collection, including properties, statistics and unlocked content

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